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Personal Checking Accounts

With two different standard checking accounts, two interest-bearing NOW accounts and

a high-rate Money Market Account to choose from, you can almost certainly find an

account at The Berlin City Bank that fits your lifestyle.  Check the chart  to see

which account is best for you.


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Minimum balance to open account

Interest Bearing?

Minimum balance to earn interest Monthly fee Minimum balance to avoid monthly fee Number of free checks per month Per check fee Minimum balance to avoid per check fee ATM or debit card available? Overdraft protection available?
Basic Checking $ 0 No N/A $2 N/A 12 $.50 thereafter N/A Yes Yes
Regular Checking $50 No N/A $4 $400 25 $.50 thereafter N/A Yes Yes
Personal NOW Account $100 Yes $1,000 $5 $500 25 $.50 thereafter $2,500 Yes Yes
Super NOW Account $2,500 Yes $2,500 $5 $1,000 50 $.50 thereafter $5,000 Yes Yes
Money Market Account* $1,000 Yes $1,000 $5 $1,000 N/A $10/check in excess of federal regulations N/A No Yes

* Money Market


   Interest Rate 


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

$    1,000 -     4,999

$    5,000 -   49,999

$  50,000 - 149,999

$150,000  &   over

Northway Advantage $100 Yes $1,000 $0 $5,000 Unlimited $0 $0 Yes Yes
Northway Advantage Plus $100 Yes $1,000 $0 $15,000* Unlimited $0 $0 Yes Yes

   * Combined Balance   


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Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

When you have a Basic Checking, Regular Checking, Personal NOW or Super NOW 

account with us, "the bank is always open."  That's because with each of these accounts

you can apply for an Automatic Teller Machine card that gives you access to your money

seven days a week, 24 hours a day, through our own ATMs-and through many thousands

of ATMs at network affiliates worldwide.  And unlike a lot of banks, we do not charge

"foreign ATM fees" for using another bank's machine (although other banks may impose a

surcharge for using their ATMs).


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MasterMoney Debit Card

Our MasterMoney Debit Card is a special ATM card that lets you make purchases using

money from your checking account without having to write a check.  It works just like a 

credit card at the point of purchase, except the purchase amount is take directly from your

checking account.  You can use a MasterMoney card wherever MasterCard is accepted, 

and we never charge you any fees for using your card.  It's a convenient way to shop!


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Overdraft Protection

You can protect yourself from embarrassing accidental overdrafts by adding our Ready 

Credit overdraft protection feature to your checking account.  It's easy to do and may

help provide a little peace of mind.  Please don't hesitate to contact one of our customer

service representatives for details.


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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a very convenient and secure way to have a payroll or Social Security 

check electronically deposited into your account.  And it's free!  You can also use Direct

Deposit for any other payments you receive regularly and would like to have deposited 

into a checking, savings or investment account.  This way, your money always gets to the

bank, even when you can't.


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Interest Rates

We always try to offer interest rates that are competitive, attractive and fair.  To do this,

we constantly monitor market conditions and adjust our rates accordingly.  For complete

information on our current rates, please contact any of our customer service representatives.


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